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Worldwide chain of VR amusement parks

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Our goal

ARena Space is a chain of 6 functioning amusement parks that uses the augmented and virtual reality technologies. Through ICO we will become the first global parks chain with internal payments based on the blockchain technology. More than 20 000 clients have already tried our attractions and left completely satisfied.


Project attractiveness


Proven business-model

Six VR-parks are already functioning successfully. We use a proven working business model of an amusement VR park to attract investment expanding square and maximum capacity.


Unique VR technologies and products

Our own R&D laboratory creates unique VR/AR attractions and content, such as SKALA (interactive climbing wall), Full Immersion VR (Free Roam VR System), VR Robot Simulator, Interactive Avatar. In addition, we have built strong partnerships with a large number of technology partners and amusement attractions to ensure the maximum supply of products in our parks.


Profitability and return on invest

Thanks to the constant digital content renewal and excellent services, the number of repeat customers is likely to be as high as 40%. We expect our park locations to reach breakeven in 3-4 months.



ARenaCoin will serve as a unified entertainment crypto currency that will connect parks, customers, partners and franchisees, providing each with its own advantages and benefits. The ICO start is scheduled for the end of 2017. Cost of the ARenaCoin token will be $0.9-1.5. Invested funds targeted at $ 8.1 million.

ARena Space in numbers


miniparks already working

20 k

satisfied customers

280 k

of playable time

> 100

units of unique content

> 25

of various attractions


average ticket size per visitor


Typical park

A virtual and interactive entertainment park for the whole family with an area of 500 sqm. It consists of several thematic zones with unique space-multimedia installations and active interactive elements that provide guests with the widest choice of impressions and cover a diverse audience of visitors.


4 base zones in each park

1 VR Park

Dozens of attractions that cover a wide spectrum of tastes and serve a sizeable audience, children, families and groups, with multiplayer content and VR cyber-tournaments

2 Full Immersion VR

A group experience with full VR immersion, freedom of movement for group of 4-10 people and long-lasting amazing content - quests, shooters with a high average ticket

3 Immersive interactive quest

Immersive interactive quest with addition of virtual and augmented reality, projection walls, attractions for small children and a digital animator

4 Cafe and a Party Room

For client birthdays parties and celebrations



Staff is charged to sale and knows their customers and content. They provide excellent service in every zone. You want to return here again and again.


Arena Park Manager

For park management system we use our proprietary ARena Park Manager system:

● CRM / ERP management system of park processes

● Park clients relations, management of franchisee locations

● Control of cash transactions in accordance with the number of game launches and game session duration - a tool for checking personnel on premises.

Also, Arena Park Manager will become the basis for building a decentralized parks management system using blockchain technology, which will allow to improve security and transparency for clients and partners, and also to use it as a park management system in any amusement park in the world.

Road map

White paper Download
18000 kB

Budget distribution of the raised capital

  • Management company (Moscow / HQ): 8%
  • Team and lawyers’ bonuses: 8%
  • Products development: 9%
  • Costs for the Pre-ICO and the ICO in Moscow: 15%
  • SIC market - the location in Moscow: 4%
  • Location opening in Dubai: 14%
  • Location opening in Barcelona: 14%
  • Location opening in Beijing: 14%
  • Location opening in Las Vegas: 14%

Token distribution by types of expenditures

  • ICO+preICO: 25 100 000 63%
  • Team: 6 000 000 15%
  • Bonuses: 5 875 000 14%
  • Lottery: 1 500 000 4%
  • Bounty: 800 000 2%
  • Marketing Campaing Partners: 760000 2%

Tokens holders’ benefits


B2B programs

B2B clients can place advertisement / goods in the physical locations, inside the virtual content (digital product placement), deal with the ARena Space client base. Event-agencies can hold events on a VR-park territory


B2C programs

For B2C clients ARenaCoin is universal and can be used at any ARena Space location


Market Place integration with ARena Park Manager

Quick creation of crypto wallets, ARenaCoin usage for transactions and coin accruals to the clients accounts


Discounts and benefits for franchisees

For franchisee partners settlement in tokens offers a discount of up to 30% of $150K over lump sum payments and up to 1% over royalty payments


Token value increase

5 new locations will provide 500K new clients a year that will lead to the token value appreciation. 20 locations will generate demand for 2 mln clients a year.



Vasily Ryzhonkov

Founder, CEO

10 years in the IT business. More than 4 years in the international market for the development of start-up projects.
Founder of the VR / AR Association in the CIS. Expert in VR / AR.


Ahmedulina Albina

Commercial Director

Experience in the field of entertainment parks - over 5 years, previously operated the amusement parks for children with attendance of over 500,000 visitors per year.


Timofey Sukharev

Chief Operating Officer

Development and management of startup projects - 8 years. 10 years in the position of creative director in the field of recreation and entertainment


Zelenkina Margarita

Director of Development

Retail sector experience in store launches for a franchisee system - 9 years
Leader in the opening of new stores (50 stores in a month)


Olga Logvina

Marketing & Event

5 years in marketing and product management
Experience in the VR start-up, including the development of the marketing concept of the product from the scratch


Boris Shugaev

Project manager

From 2006 to 2013 project management in civil engineering (engineering chains)
2013-2017 - launching and replicating franchise projects in the field of active recreation and services, projects for integrated development of territories, franchising

Advisory board


Brun Paul

Role: Art Dircetor, creation of unique content

Producer, Art Director. 43 years of experience in theater, creator of the 3 Cirque Du Soleil shows, writer and producer of major shows


Alexey Mehonoshin

Role: Investor Relations, corporate processes, Member of Board of Directors

Businessman, investor. Diverse set of challenging assignments in Russia and number of emerging and developing markets in FMCG industries and banking including PepsiCo, Sberbank.


Tony Watkins

Role: partnership networking among leaders in GameDev industry

General Director at Electronic Arts Russia Professional experience largely centred around strategic development of businesses & marketing major brands with creative input/ talent to support this.


Soren Fog

Role: partnerships, european local partners in Switzerland, blockchain consultant

Co-founder of Crypto Valley, founder of iprotus Over 25 years of experience in IT and software development, architecture and business development within Internet and financials. 10+ years of consulting and advising in a wide range of related disciplines.


Alexander Kozhevnikov

Role: international expansion, international marketing, GameDev partnerships

Advisor in marketing and partnership programs with leaders in the computer industry 10 years in marketing in gaming industry, experience of projects development in international market


Sergey Fradkov

Role: business development in North America

Serial entrepreneur, manager of technological projects and companies. Has more that 25 years of experience in technology, built several successful businesses in the field of mobile applications, IT services and enterprise software.


Andy Ray

Sales Director - Vicon Motion Systems

Scientist by academic qualification, passionate about customer solutions by trade, with an overall love of the motion capture market from working in the field since 2005.

It’s amazing that ARena Space is planning to launch VR parks global. I personally think they will be a really good thing, I like the concept of the arena containing multi pieces, I really like the arena coin idea. The content is king and its awesome that team involve advisors who created Cirque Du Soleil shows! The fact there seems a lot of players in this market says there must be a demand.

Matthias Pusch

As co-founder and VP Sales of WorldViz, Matthias Pusch has extensive knowledge in the global Virtual Reality market and its evolving segments.

Prior to founding WorldViz, Matthias Pusch was a strategic consultant to the high-tech industry at McKinsey & Company. Matthias Pusch earned a double Master's degree in Materials Science at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, and Cognitive Psychology at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg. I personally believe the arcade market is a real market for VR ARena Space team created a unique concept. And its very important to have team members with the skills of running a the themepark / arcade business, i.e. a service business. I'm excited about every new VR arcade that's opened up, especially if it's as high tech as yours. We see a lot of concepts at WorldViz, and my bet is that the winners will be mostly the companies that already own locations for arcades and also the ones (longer term) who own the rights to the content that's attractive to users (pokemon go as an example). Its right decision to start a project from Moscow and good location. The proof your concept with the region that you know best, that's typically easiest. In general, i would also think that for a High Tech arcade, Dubai is good. The other locations look good at the first glance as well


  • How can ARenaCoin be used by investors?

    The benefit of the investment in ArenaСoin is based on the subsequent increase in the ARenaCoin value due to the new locations opening and the the number of clients increasing worldwide.
    In addition, B2B customers are able to place advertisements / goods in physical locations, inside virtual content (digital product placement) and access to the ARena Space customer base.
    ARena Space b2b partners such as franchisees will generate additional demand for tokens.

  • How can ARenaCoin be used for clients?

    ARenaCoin allows b2c clients to exchange services or goods at the ARena Space. Customers will find it profitable to own ARenaCoin primarily because using it they can purchase more services and goods (up to 30%) than for the ordinary currency

  • What gives ARenaCoin franchisees?

    • Payment for additional ARena Space services
    • Purchase of the ARena Space scheduling software licenses
    • For franchisees partners settlements in tokens give the discount up to 30% of $150K over lump sum payments and up to 1% over royalty payments.

  • How will investors buy ARenaCoin?

    Investors will buy ARenaCoin in the PreICO and the ICO stages with a significant discount, in the PreSale and the ICO stages with bonuses. This will allow investors in the future to use ARenaCoin by exchanging for services / goods or selling them on the ARena Space MarketPlace at an increased rate due to the company's development.

  • What is the distribution of tokens?

    A total of issued tokens is 38 million:

    1. In total 24.35 million of tokens are being sold during the pre-ICO and the ICO
    2. About 3.75 million tokens are charged by bonus.
    3. The lottery can distribute up to 1.5 million tokens. All unsold tokens are automatically deleted.
    4. 0.8 million tokens (2.4%) is allocated for bounty
    5. 7.6 million tokens (20%)is left for the team

  • What are the advantages for investors participating in pre-ICO and ICO?

    Tokens can be probably bought for Fiat, for BTC, ETH. In the ICO stages each token will be sold with discount:

    • From 55 to 15% in the Pre-ICO stage with the distribution by the number of tokens
    • Up to 10% at the ICO stage with time distribution
    • A lottery with a chance of 1 to 20 and a prize of 150,000 tokens for ICO participants
    • Depending on the purchase size bonuses for ICO participants

  • What is the MarketPlace?

    The MarketPlace is the ARena Space exchange system which is available online from ARena Space site or offline on each of the ARena Space outlets. This allows you to convert Fiat / Crypto currency to ARenaCoin and back quickly. Thus, all members of the ARena Space ecosystem will be able to exchange tokens quickly and efficiently, and also, if it is necessary, to pay for ARena Space services/ goods by them.

  • Who develops content for VR-parks?

    Our own RnD-laboratory for the new products development, partnership with VR world leaders and more than 5 VR studios for content production in the CIS provided the creation of unique products based on VR / AR technologies.
    Our own unique interactive products:

    • Full Immersion VR is a system of full immersion into virtual reality, it is provided with a variety of content - VR shooters, VR quests, labyrinths, VR worlds (18+) with the ability to accommodate from 1 to 50 people simultaneously in each zone (optimally - up to 6-10 people).
    • SKALA is an unusual hybrid of the climbing and computer game simulator.
    • A digital avatar, fully controlled by the actor with tracking facial expressions and body movements

  • Is it possible to convert backward?

    Investors will be able to sell tokens to b2c and b2b ARena Space customers. 
    Thus, the ecosystem will operate in all ARENA Space locations and ARenaCoin will be as an internal currency along with conventional money - fiat.
    For sustainable business development, we will not close the reception of Fiat, as the taxes and operating costs of locations and costs of the ARena Space management company (MC) are paid in ordinary currency.

  • What are the project risks?

    The investment risk in ARenaCoin can be attributed to the possibility of content obsolescence, the risk of non-compliance with safety standards, the need to select qualified staff - all these factors are subject to any other offline business.

  • What are your plans for the future?

    From the 1st quarter of 2018, ARena plans to build locations in Barcelona, Dubai, Beijing and Las Vegas by selling a franchise in different formats. The main emphasis is on theme parks from 500 to 1000 sqm.
    20 locations give about 2 million customers a year, which will give a multiple increase in the token value and capitalization.

  • What is the ARenaCoin rate increase based on?

    The more locations will appear and franchises will be launched, the more token value will grow. Each location will buy them, thus creating a demand. Because of the limited amount of tokens - as the number of park locations increases, so the tokens demand will grow . Accordingly, their value will increase.

  • Why was ICO selected?

    ARenaCoin is a payment tool and internal currency in the ARena Space parks chain. ARenaCoin is based on one of the key platforms Ethereum and will be compatible with the main cryptocurrencies.

    1. Сrowd investment mechanisms allow to attract funds in offline projects in 2-3 times faster, rather than through the classical investment cycles mechanisms.
    2. The community of crypto investors and the VR / AR / MR community at this point in time - some of the most active ones often overlap.
    3. The crypto currency market and the VR / AR / MR technologies industry is one of the fastest growing business areas.
    4. The internal currency (ARenaCoin tokens) allows to simplify the exchange of services / goods in the ecosystem of ARena Space parks worldwide.
    5. The investment and purchase of ARenaCoin tokens is an effective investment tool. We issue a limited number of tokens, which are mandatory means of payment throughout the park network.

Parks in action

Full Immersion decision from ARena Space
ARena Space_VR amusement parks
ARena Space park in the VDNKh
ARena Space parks presentation
ARena Space park in Sochi
Virtual Reality for events
"The music of the first" ARena Space's guest
ARena Space VR - Russian savvy and virtual reality
SKALA, climbing wall - the augmented reality
Feedbacks from the VDNKh's clients

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