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Pre-ICO ARena Space

current discount – 55%!

5 simple steps to buy ARena Space tokens

1If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet yet - create it (for example, at https://www.myetherwallet.com)

2Check that you have enough Ethereum to buy the amount of ARena Space tokens that you need (bonuses are awarded for purchases of 10ETH and more). If you don’t - buy the required amount of Ethereum. The methods of purchasing are listed here

3Enter your Ethereum wallet info, to which the tokens will be sent, and your email. This info will be used to create a profile, for the awarding of bonuses, and for the lottery.

The address of your Ethereum wallet for tokens Email to create a profile

4To purchase our tokens as part of the Pre ICO, you must transfer Ethereum from your wallet to the address below. The tokens will be transferred to the same wallet. For the correct verification of the wallet, its number must be the same as the one you entered in the form above. Don’t forget to set the required amount of Gas, so that the transfer goes through (200 000 should be enough, the remains will be returned).

Attention – by sending funds to the wallet you confirm that you agree to the terms of the Pre ICO.


Now 1000 ARE = 1,551725 ETH ( 1 ETH = 290 USD )

510-15 minutes after the transfer, you will be able to check the availability of tokens in your wallet. You will get a notification of the creation of the profile separately.

Manual Download
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White paper Download
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Still have questions?

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Hereby confirm that I am not a citizen and not a resident of the United States, China or any other jurisdiction, territory or country where transactions with cryptocurrencies and/or tokens are restricted or banned under applicable laws and regulations. I confirm that I do not buy tokens on behalf of any citizens or companies from the United States or China, or any jurisdiction, territory or country where transactions with cryptocurrencies and/or tokens are restricted or banned.

I confirm that I have read and understood Terms and Conditions published at arenaspace.io. I accept all the conditions, rules, obligations described in these Terms and Conditions and agree to execute them.

I confirm that I read and understood Arena Space ICO Whitepaper published at arenaspace.io.

ArenaSpace OÜ (registry code 14334957): Narva mnt 13, Kesklinna district, Tallinn city, Harju county, 10151